Choose a MNC of your industrial / sectorial / geographic preference

Required: The project is based in analyzing the financial decisions of multinational firms. Bank of America Risk management
To develop a professional consulting team-report on one or more aspects of financial management for a real world multinational corporation.
Step 1: Choose a MNC of your industrial / sectorial / geographic preference. Bank of America
Step 2: Do an in-depth, special focus or comprehensive analysis based study of the MNC financial management strategies.
Step 3: Develop a project report not exceeding 7 pages with graphs, tables, quantitative analyses, references, questionnaires, survey results as additional pages if necessary.

How Does “Idealism” Differ From “Realism

In The Study Of International Relations, How Does “Idealism” Differ From “Realism?” What Are The Proponents Of Each Trying To Achieve? Is One Preferential Over The Other? If So, Why? Be Sure To Provide Evidence For Your Argument.
Title page, bibliography, normal margins, double spaced
A minimum of 6 academic sources (journals or monographs)
Use a consistent citation style (MLA or Chicago) but do not use APA
Answer the question as it is given (within parameters and hitting all of the components)

Report Planning : A major international business enterprise

Maximum length 6 pages ( 1.5 linespacing with 12 point Times Roman font ) including all diagrams,tables and references.

Value 30%

Topic/s : Report Planning : A major international business enterprise. This stage of project requires you to select a major international business enterprise and examine its experience in the light of the concepts and theories introduced in this unit so far.These chapters cover foundation concepts and selected aspects of the environment of international business studies.

Details: The Task is to create a Report Plan as a way of building your research skills by adopting a systematic approach to the task.This involves library and electronic database searching,description and evaluation of a range of sources,brief summaries of materials, analysis of the significance of data sources and steps that will help you clarify and define the main issues relevant to the company that you select.

This exercise will allow you to use your research sources to develop a viable plan for research for the Project Report. ( The skills learnt here should be transferable to all other units you study)

You MUST NOT write an essay for this stage of the assignment ; brief notes are appropriate .You need to develop your research skills so that you can construct a research plan and creates notes that explain how the material in the listed chapters can be used to understand the experience of and challenges facing your selected company.

Following these steps should help you complete Assignment One.Listed here as A-F for your convenience

A.Identify a major international business enterprise

Use the library database to be sure that you will be able to access and understand the materials you require for the project.You will need to consider several companies before making a final choice.A crucial consideration in your choice will be the extent to which the company chosen allows you to explore its experience using the concepts of this unit.

-Explain why you have chosen this company?Some factors that might influence your choice are;

-A firm’s role in the global pattern of trade

-Comparative and competitive advantage as they apply to the firm

-Does it activity represent some aspect New Trade Theory?if so examine the implications

Of such theoryfor its pattern of international business

-Theories of Foreign Direct Investment and the Eclectic Paradigm

-Does the firm represent an example of the Stages Models of internationalisation?

-Its organizational form

-Effects of and implication of culture,legal and economic systems in the country in which the firm operates.

-And other concepts or ideasfrom the relevant chapters of the Hill text.

Once you have settled on a company you should list the main issues that are pertinent to this company and offer examples to illustrate.The emphasis that you give to international business concepts will be depend upon the relevance of each to the company that you have chosen.You need to use your judgement here and that judgement needs to be informed by careful reading of the texte and selected journal articles.

B.Search library catalogues

Consult a range of catalogues.Data bases such as those for journals and companies ( e.g. Global Mint).These will content books and articles relevant to your chosen company and the generic international business issues that confront that company.

C.Use quality items published on the internet:

Find some sources that meet these criteria

-It is authoritative

-The site is clear about its own sources and relaiability

-It is up to date and provide material that most likely not been published in other formats (e.g. retereed journal)

D.Statistics and secondary data used to illustrate your argument.

Look for suitable statistics and data to include in your report. Show the reader a few examples of the type of evidence you will use in your Report. Cite the sources andavailability of the data (probably after every 100 words),and show how you might compile and display it. A summary table you have constructed or a diagram that richly illustrate main points in your research would be ideal.

E.Progress so far – time to pause and reflect.

Reflect and carefully evaluate your progress.Form a thesis or main line of argument for your Project .Check that you have used the theory of the early part of the unit to examine key issues confronting your company.

Plan for the Project Report
Now as the final step for this Assignment One ,construct a plan with section headings, sub-headings, bullet points or phrases and short paragraphsthat relect your development of the Report and your line of argument up to this point.It needs to be more than a list of points; the reader should be able to discern clearly your line of argument from your plan.

An assessment evaluation sheet will be provided on the moodle site, read it for guidanceon the presentation of your work. Check you have covered all the points in this sheet before you hand in your assignment.

Take care to use correct citation methods: use Harvard Author/Date ( check the UC library site for full information on these method.


Assignment TWO

Write the Project Report on your chosen Multinational Enterprise.

Provide the full Project Report on your chosen Multinational Enterprise making use of the material from the whole unit that is most relevant to your chosen case.The emphasis needs to be on the analysis of issues confronting the firm and you need to use the theories and approaches of this unit to address these issues.The later chapters of the text complete the coverage of the business environment and cover topics more focused on the behavior,operations and management on the international need to use the topics in these chapters to assess the relevance of these concepts to your chosen case.

we will highlight many of the potential issues facing MNEs in class and the Moodle site may be used to offer supplementary guidance if required.An assessment evaluation and cover sheet will be provided on the Moodle site.Read it for guidance on the presentation of your work.check you have covered all the points in this sheet before you hand in your assignment.

Take care to use correct citation methods: use Havard Author/Date ( check the UC library site for full information on these methods).

Length:5000 words(1.5 line spacing with12 point Times Riman font) including all diagrams,tables and references.

rite a 1 page paper on compilers and interpreters

Write a 1 page paper on compilers and interpreters (2-3 paragraphs
on each topic). Your paper must include the following: • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of compilers and interpreters. • When would you use each? • Pick a problematic situation that you think a Java program can solve or make easier. • Explain the
problem and then write the pseudo code for it.

Read the Forbes article, “A Simple Model for Business Planning

Prioritizing Discussion

Read the Forbes article, “A Simple Model for Business Planning.” Financial decisions must be made continuously by entrepreneurs. After reading the Parrish article, you will be aware of several financial concerns faced by business owners. Place yourself in the role of an entrepreneur. Taxes are due in three days and employee paychecks must be issued in five days. However, the company does not have enough money to cover both expenses. Discuss how you would handle this situation. How will you solve this financial crisis?

You will need to identify a specific leadership role

As you begin your project, you will need to identify a specific leadership role you strive as aoffice manager for rooms to go company. Keep this specific leadership role in mind throughout this section.

Describe what you would expect of yourself as a leader.
What traits should you possess?
What skills should you own?
What tactics should you employ?
Describe why these are necessary for you as a leader.
The paper must include a definition of the leadership role or roles (formal or informal) you see yourself filling and a description of the traits, attributes and skills necessary to be a successful leader
Please write this in first person
APA style
2-4 pages

Du Pont Analysis

Unit II Problem Solving
Part 1
For this assignment you will conduct a comparative DuPont analysis of two companies. Using a search engine, find one
large corporation included in the S&P 500. Then, find one of its largest competitors. Go to the investor relations portion
of each corporation’s homepage and find their most recent annual report. Calculate a complete DuPont analysis
calculating the ROE, ROA, the profit margin, total asset turnover and equity multiplier. Critique the differences between
the two corporations in approximately 100 words.
Part 2
Using the most recent income statements (annual) for the two corporations from Part 1 of the assignment, calculate a
common size analysis using a spreadsheet. Discuss the differences in the two corporations in approximately 75 words.
Your answer can be completed below your spreadsheet analysis.
Submit Part 1 and Part 2 together in one document.

Creative Musical Writing- Ed Shreeran’s album

Creative Musical Writing

Ed Shreeran’s album

prompt is

1) elaborate the style of the album ( songs ) and compare with other genre such as progressive rock, jazz, folks and so on.

2) how vocal is used, is it effective? compare to other artists is it distinctive?

3) how instrument play role in the album ( songs )

4) name some musical techniques that were used

5) what is your impression of the album

CMIS 102 Hands-On Lab Week 5

CMIS 102 Hands-On Lab

Week 5

This hands-on lab allows you to follow and experiment with the critical steps of developing a program including the program description, analysis, test plan, design (using pseudocode visualization), and implementation with C code. The example provided uses sequential, repetition statements and nested repetition statements.

Program Description:

This program will calculate the average of 3 exams for 5 students. The program will ask the user to enter 5 student names. For each of the students, the program will ask for 3 exam scores. The average exam score for each student will be calculated and printed.


I will use sequential and repetition programming statements.
I will define one String to store student name: StudentName.
I will define three Float numbers: Examvalue, Sum, Avg to store exam values the sum of the exams and the average of the exams.
The sum will be calculated by this formula:
Sum = Sum + Examvalue
For example, if the first value entered was 80.0 and second was 90.0 and the third exam was 100.0:
sum = sum + Examvalue = 0.0 + 80.0
sum = 80.0 + 90.0 = 170.0
sum = 170.0 + 100.0 = 270.0
Avg is then calculated as:
Avg = sum/3.0
For example 270.0/3.0 = 90.0
A nested repetition loop can be used to loop through each of the 5 students and each of the 3 exams:
For (students=0; students <5; students++) For (exams=0;exams<3;exams++) End For End For Sum values will need to be reset for each student to ensure only one student data is used for calculations each time. Test Plan: To verify this program is working properly the input values could be used for testing: Test Case Input Expected Output 1 Studentname=Chris Examvalue1=80.0 Examvalue2=90.0 Examvalue3=100.0 Studentname=John Examvalue1=70.0 Examvalue2=90.0 Examvalue3=80.0 Studentname=Sally Examvalue1=100.0 Examvalue2=100.0 Examvalue3=100.0 Studentname=Pat Examvalue1=50.0 Eexamvalue2=70.0 Examvalue3=60.0 Studentname=Sam Examvalue1=90.0 Examvalue2=95.0 Examvalue3=100.0 Average for Chris is 90.0 Average for John is 80.0 Average for Sally is 100.0 Average for Pat is 60.0 Average for Sam is 95.0 Pseudocode: // This program will calculate the average of 3 exams for 5 students // Declare variables Declare StudentName as String Declare ExamValue, Sum, Avg as Float // Loop through 5 Students For (students=0; students <5 ; students++) // reset Sum to 0 Set Sum =0.0 Print “Enter Student Name” Input StudentName // Nested Loop for Exams For (exams=0; exams < 3; exams++) Print “Enter exam grade: \n” Input ExamValue Set Sum = Sum + ExamValue End For Set Avg = Sum/3.0 Print “Average for “ + StudentName + “ is “ + Avg End For Flow Chart: C Code The following is the C Code that will compile in execute in the online compilers. // C code // This program will calculate the average of 3 exams for 5 students. // Developer: Faculty CMIS102 // Date: Jan 31, 2014 #include

int main ()


/* variable definition: */

char StudentName[100];

float ExamValue, Sum, Avg;

int students,exams;

// Loop through 5 Students

for (students=0; students <5 ; students++) { // reset Sum to 0 Sum =0.0; printf("Enter Student Name \n"); scanf("%s", StudentName); // Nested Loop for Exams for (exams=0; exams < 3; exams++) { printf ("Enter exam grade: \n"); scanf("%f", &ExamValue); Sum = Sum + ExamValue; } Avg = Sum/3.0; printf( "Average for %s is %f\n",StudentName,Avg); } return 0; } Setting up the code and the input parameters in Note the Student and ExamValues for this run were: John: 90.0 80.0 100.0 Jim: 80.0 70.0 90.0 Joe: 70.0 100.0 100.0 Sally: 100.0 95.0 91.0 Sam: 30.0 54.0 68.0 You can change these values to any valid integer values to match your test cases. Results from running the programming at Learning Exercises for you to try: What would you change in the design and the code if you wanted to input 10 students and 5 exams? What is the line of code doing? char StudentName[100]; (Hint: We haven’t covered arrays, but a String can be thought of as an array of characters) ? What would happen if you moved the Set Sum = 0.0 from inside the for loop to right after the declaration. For example: // Declare variables Declare StudentName as String Declare ExamValue, Sum, Avg as Float // Initialize Sum Set Sum = 0.0;