The City by Constantine Cavafy (1894) and Evening by Constantine Cavafy (1917)

Analysis the poems below

The City by Constantine Cavafy (1894)

Evening by Constantine Cavafy (1917)

1. Begin with a Literature Opener (text name, author, date of publication)
2. Write in paragraph form and be sure that you answer the following questions in your analysis:
a. who is the speaker? what do you know about him or her?
b. what is the occasion of the poem? what event prompts the speaker to speak?
c. what is the subject of the poem? what is happening?
d. what is the purpose of the poem? what was the poem written?
e. what do you notice about the structure of the poem? rhythm, rhyme, stanzas, etc.
f. what is the theme of the poem? (give examples lines/examples from the text) what is the poet pointing out about people, society, or life? state the theme succinctly
g. what is the tone of the poem? what is the speaker’s attitude toward the subject of the poem?

APA Format use subheaders

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